UA Baggage Policy

One small cabin bag and one medium checked bag is included.


Cabin Baggage can be a maximum of 40x30x22 cm (including any handles or wheels) and needs to fit either under the seat in front of you or in the overhead locker.


Your bag can weigh up to 7kg, and the passenger must be able to lift and carry the bag independently. If the carryon bag is bigger than the maximum allowed, this will be tagged and processed as a check-in bag.


Checked Baggage can be a maximum of 64x46cm (including any handles or wheels). Checked baggage can weigh up to 15kg.


Any additional checked in bags which are not declared upon booking will incur additional charges and will be loaded on the same flight subject to space in the hold area.


All items loaded in the hold must be tagged by the check-in agent.

Oversized Checked Baggage

  • Musical Instruments

Oversized instruments, such as guitars or cellos, must be stored inside a carry case and a separate seat (on the same flight) must be purchased if this is to be kept in the cabin. Only 1 item per passenger is allowed. Passengers who buy an extra seat for their instrument must not occupy an Exit Seat and a window seat will be allocated for the instrument.


The use of the seatbelt is required to secure to the instrument on the aircraft. The maximum weight allowed on the seat is 75kg and the passenger must be able to carry the instrument independently.

  • Sports Equipment

Equipment such as snowboards and skis must be loaded in the hold and additional charges may apply. Such information should be given to UA in advance to ensure availability of space and the correct loading of such items. Sports Equipment is to be carried in appropriate bags / cases to avoid any damage.

  • Sporting Weapons

All sporting weapons must be announced to UA in advance and appropriate documentation must be supplied by the passenger on reservation. UA will forward the relevant documentation and only confirms loading upon acceptance by the relevant Authorities.

Baggage Fees

Purchased after booking, at Airport, or via Call Centre;

Baggage Fee per kilo

Excess Baggage Fee

Euro 20

Euro 50

If the cabin bag (if applicable) does not fit in the baggage sizer, it must be checked in, the additional charge for this is Euro 50.


If there is a group, and one person’s bag is heavier and one lighter, and the total weight is under the allowed amount, then they should not be charged as long as the total combined weight is within limit.

UA Baggage Policy is subject to your destination, for any queries please follow the baggage policy in your confirmation email or contact us on