Charter Flights

Universal Air is the safest way to fly.

If you have ever wished to fly in a business jet, but did not want the commitment of a membership or the ownership of an aircraft, buying a one-off flight or return trip through our charter service is a great place to start.

Universal Air recognizes that our clients need to feel assured that their charter aircraft is safe and hygienic. In line with our COVID-19 safety standards, our team only allow passengers onboard after a full disinfection. You can rest assured that a charter with Universal Air is the safest way to fly.

We accommodate a range of catering options, including gourmet meals with champagne, all served by our dedicated cabin crew. Or, if you prefer to have sandwiches or a burger, we can arrange this as well. Whether you want the finest dining experience in the sky or a packet of chocolate biscuits, our mission is to make you feel at home.

With our 24/7 customer service, we will be on hand to assist you prior to your flight. All of our chartered aircraft are operated to the highest safety standards, with experienced flight crew to ensure your safety and comfort

Contact our charter flight team.