UA Infants and Children Policy


Infants older than 8 days can travel on Universal Air flights without any restrictions, while new-born babies younger than 8 days can only fly Universal Air with a valid medical clearance. 

8 days old – 2 years old

Accompanying person

Each infant must be accompanied by an adult who is at least 16 years old. Please remember that one adult can only take care of one baby on board, so any additional infants will require the same number of adult passengers, e.g., three infants can travel in the company of three adults.

Travel documents

Just like any other passenger, the young traveller must hold a valid travel document with a photo to board the flight. 


Please be aware that infant (under 2 years) does not include a separate seat on board and infant will travel sitting on lap of accompanying adult passenger. In this case flight attendants will provide the adult a safety belt for the infant before take-off. For security reasons all passengers travelling with infants are required to sit in the window seats.


Young people aged from 2 to 15 years are considered children and must have a ticket booked for them as they sit in their own seat on the flight. From 16 years they are considered adults.

2 – 15 years old


If the child is aged over 2, they will have their own seat on the plane and will use the seatbelt like an adult.