UA Passengers with Disabilities Policy

Passengers with Disabilities (PWD) includes passengers with reduced mobility and passengers with non-visible disabilities which can be temporary or permanent conditions.


For PWDs requiring/requesting assistance, they will be assigned a seat in their ticketed cabin which accommodates the passengers’ needs, in consultation with the passengers, and ensure that they are not allocated or occupy seats where their presence could impede the emergency evacuation. If the PWD is travelling with a personal care attendant and/or safety assistant, they shall be given seats immediately adjacent to or across the aisle from the passenger they are assisting.


The crew will advise the passenger of what services and assistance are available based on their needs and of available operating airline equipment (i.e., on board wheelchairs, braille or tactile markings, accessible lavatories, etc.).


PWDs will be allowed to pre-board.


Whenever feasible, PWDs using a wheelchair (manual or powered) or other mobility aid will be permitted to use their personal mobility aid throughout the airport until they reach the aircraft and receive it back upon arrival.