UA Travelling with Pets/Live Animals Policy

Any passenger travelling with Pets/Live Animals must have prior approval from Universal Air , one can do so by sending your request to


Passengers who attempt to check in with their Pets/Live Animals without prior approval will not be allowed to check in.

Live Animals in the Hold (AVIH)

AVIH may be transported as checked baggage in the aircraft hold in accordance with IATA LAR and only when prearranged with UA.
Note: Domestic animals of unusual size or wild animals, reptiles and rodents must be transported as cargo.


Pets in Cabin

The only pets/animals permitted in the cabin are:

  • Task-trained service animals (SVAN) – animals trained to perform specific tasks for people who have physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or mental disabilities.
  • Emotional Support Animals (ESAN) capable of caring for themselves and require special assistance.

The following procedures must be followed:

  • SVAN and ESAN are limited to dogs, cats and small birds in a cage (provided the cage conforms to the cabin baggage size limitations).
  • Dogs and cats are limited to a maximum weight of 8kgs and are to travel in a suitable carrier.
  • SVAN and ESAN must be prebooked and all documentation must have been provided to UA prior to check-in.